This is Testimony from our Clients.Our expertise have no limitation. We made a lot of type of Product, Such as :

  • Muslimah Wear ( For Muslim Women, e.g Jubah / Dress, Baju Kurung, Blouse, etc )
  • Muslim Wear ( For Muslim Men , e.g Baju Melayu, Jubah, Kurta, etc )
  • Kids Wear
  • Hijab 
  • Uniform  ( e.g Pre-School Uniform, T-Shirt, Corporate Shirt, Graduation Robe )

You can see our Clients Reaction , Final Product and an Artwork at the picture below

Clothing Testimony
Muslim Women Dress
Muslim Menswear
Muslim Menswear
Uniform Testimony
Didik Literasi
Tinta Kreatif
Set of Babywear
Kids Hijab
Tinta Kreatif
Didik Literasi